Sometime last night or this morning, I had a dream where I was walking around outside. I was walking behind two people (a man and a woman) and as a joke I decided to yell “HEY!” at them.

They were both startled; the man was so scared that he started to run away. As he fled, he looked back and realized he was not in danger and tried to play it off as though he was just getting warmed up to go for a run. He started running in one spot and stretching, trying to cover up his embarrassment.

Both me and the girl that he was with started laughing.

At this point, I woke up from my dream and realized that I actually was laughing.

I replayed the dream over in my head and each time I did, I laughed even harder. I re-imagined the scene with myself asking “fight or flight?” and then answering “flight.”

I must’ve laid in bed laughing for about five minutes before I went back to sleep.

It reminded me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry thought of something funny when he was dreaming, woke up and wrote it down. Then when he woke up he couldn’t read what he wrote. Nobody could decipher what he wrote, one interpretation was “fax me some halibut.”

Later, Jerry’s watching TV and a bad sci-fi movie is playing where someone yells out “flaming globes of Sigmund!” and he realizes that this is the phrase that he wrote down.

I don’t recall ever having an experience like that from a dream before.


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