Synaptic Wanderings

A few years ago, when I started blogging, I started a Tumblr site called Synaptic Wanderings. Originally, I just used the default Tumblr domain name because it was free.

At various times, I have thought of getting my own domain name and moving the blog there. The problem was, I couldn’t get the domain name that I wanted.

Now, I finally have it and this blog is now under the domain name of

This blog is an amalgamation of my original Tumblr site and this WordPress site which was originally just called Ab’s Blog. The original domain name, is still active and redirects here, but the new domain name is the primary one.

I’ve renamed this blog, reclaiming the original Synaptic Wanderings title. It’s a phrase I came up with a long time ago and it basically means “random thoughts”. That’s what this blog was always meant to be.

I’m pumped about this. I finally got this domain name and another one that I wasn’t able to get before. I might get a few more domain names that I’ve been wanting but I’ll wait a while before doing that. These domain names were fairly cheap but they do add up.

So come on in and have a look around. Let your synapses do the walking.


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