All Dressed Up

While walking through the Walmart parking lot today, a car drove by me. A man was driving, a woman was in the passenger seat putting on makeup. I had just finished my shopping and I was on my way to put my stuff in my car. As it turned out, they parked close to where my car was.

By the time I got to my car and started putting my things away, the woman was still fixing her makeup. I can understand someone doing this briefly in a moving car, but by the time I was locking up my car and starting to head back into Walmart to eat at McD’s, she was just finishing. They had parked and she was still putting on makeup when I figured she would be done. How much work did she need to put in, exactly?

She and her husband started walking just ahead of me so I got at look at how they were dressed. The man was wearing Dockers and a button down short-sleeve shirt with dress shoes. She was wearing a nice sleeveless blouse, a knee-length skirt and high-heels. Fancy attire, considering where they were going. Which could’ve been either Walmart or McD’s, I didn’t know at this point. Needless to say, wherever they were going didn’t have a dress code.

I stopped to go to the washroom, then went and put in my order at McD’s. So I sit down and who do I see sitting nearby? The Fancy Pants couple.

I also saw two girls wearing fancy dresses sitting elsewhere. They looked like teenagers and considering the time of year, I figured they were wearing grad dresses. Maybe they were on their way to grad or from it, I had no idea which.

I thought to myself, “Wow, everyone’s all dressed up to go to McD’s today.”

Because, you know, everyone cares what you look like at McDonald’s.