Untitled Dragon Story: Chapter 1

(Note: this story does have a title, I’m not willing to reveal it just yet)

A long time ago, in a cave just outside of a village known as Ofa, a soon-to-be mother dragon named Gladys tended to her egg.

Her husband, Thadeus, came home and checked on his wife and their soon-to-be offspring. As the expected parents looked down into the nest, the egg started to move ever so slightly.

“It’s starting, Gladys!” Thadeus exclaimed.

This was their first child, which made it all the more exciting for the couple. They watched as cracks started to appear near the top of the egg and it wasn’t long before a tiny set of claws poked their way through the opening.

“Come on! Come on out, baby!” Gladys said to the egg, encouragingly.

Another set of claws appeared as the youngster worked its way out of its shell. This was followed by the nose and soon the whole head was out.

The dragon couple watched breathlessly as more of their newborn appeared. After a short time of clawing and biting, the dragon child emerged fully from its egg. The mother and father caressed the newborn with their noses.

“It’s a boy!” Gladys exclaimed.

“Everything seems normal,” said Thaddy, as he was commonly known.

Everything was normal. At least until the newborn dragon sneezed and a small stream of fire shot out of its tiny body.

“Where,” Gladys began to ask, “did that fire come from, exactly?”

“Well Gladdy, my dear” Thaddy replied, “I may be mistaken, but I believe it came from his rear end!”