Ab Vs TomTom: Part 2

As you heard in Part 1 of this post, I got an unexpected response in my verbal altercation with my GPS. Here’s a transcript of the conversation:

TT (TomTom): After 400 metres, turn right.

Ab: Hey, TomTom…

TT: Say a command.

Ab: Shut… (waits for beep) shut up.

TT: Please repeat.

Ab: Shut up!

TT: I’m sorry, I still didn’t get that. Turn right, Haisla Boulevard. I’m sorry, I still didn’t get that. You can say, for example, “I need directions to an address, drive to the nearest restaurant, or mute sound.” To see all available commands, go to the product manuals in the Help menu.

Ab: Shut up!

TT: (Ding!) Turning sound off.

Ab: (Chuckles) I win!

After the second time I told it to shut up, it started to go into the process of telling me how to find the right command but I was approaching the next turn at that time so it had to tell me about that first, then it went back into its spiel. I was having none of that and repeated my command one more time. At which point, it said, “Turning sound off.”

So it, uh, actually shut up.

Okay, I’m thinking one of two things happened here. 1) it interpreted my last “shut up” as a “mute sound” command, or it reached its limit for the number of unknown commands it will try to interpret and just shut off the sound of its own accord. If the former is true, I’ve stumbled onto a voice command that, not only did I not know exists, but is awesome and hilarious.

Either way, I never heard another peep out of it so, as you heard at the end, I won.

Ab: 1. TomTom: 0.


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