PG Day 1

Small town life is boring.

As a Kitimat citizen, it gets to be a little monotonous around here, especially when you don’t get a chance to get out of town very often.

As the Easter weekend approached, I entertained notions of making a solo road trip. It was an ideal time as I got four days off of work so I had more time than I would on a normal weekend and I figured I probably won’t get another chance like this anytime soon so I should take advantage.

I wanted to go somewhere within reasonable driving distance and I had my destination narrowed down to 2 locations: Prince Rupert or Prince George.

Decision, decisions.

It had been about 5 years since I went anywhere further than Terrace and that place was Prince Rupert. It’s a lot closer but it’s also a town that’s not much bigger than the one I live in and I had driven there a couple of times before and was already familiar with the town. On the other hand, it had been about a decade since the last time I’d been to Prince George. It’s a bigger town, so it had that going for it, however it’s a much longer drive and I’d never driven around there before and didn’t know my way.

I made my decision the night before I was going to leave: I was going east to PG. Having never driven there before, I decided I should get a GPS to help me get around and I picked up a TomTom.

That was really it in terms of preparation, the rest of the time I was going to be making it up as I went along. This it pretty significant as it’s totally out of character for me, normally I would have everything planned out beforehand. I felt that things would work out and, let’s face it, I can use a little adventure in my life.

I went to sleep on Thursday night, planning to wake up about 6 am to get ready. I showered, ate, and started packing.

I was ready to begin my journey not having any idea what to expect, the rest of the story will be continued later.


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