Music Update #2

I got caught up with my first 2 songs and tonight I finished song #3 entitled Dancing Plague. I went a different route this time around, I had a couple of pre-written songs that I was thinking of recording next, but then I came up with a new melody. I wanted to record it while it was fresh in my mind so this is the first truly new song that I’ve recorded for this album.

I start working on song #4 tomorrow, as of yet I don’t know which one I’m going to start recording. I have 3 pre-written songs to choose from, ones that are similar in tone to the first 3, it’s just a matter of picking one.

I have to say I’m really enjoying working like this. I really hate deadlines and trying to stick to schedules, especially with creative projects, but it really seems to be working for me. I find myself rushing a little on Saturdays to finish up the song I’m working on that week, but it forces me to get it done.

One persistent problem is finding time but I’ve got a bit of a rhythm going right now. Usually on Sundays I start by transcribing the main melody of the song. That usually takes me a while, then at some point during the week I find some time to record the melody. I play around with it, write down any ideas that come to mind for next time I edit, then on Saturday I experiment some more, set my final arrangement, then record it.

As I mentioned before, I probably have 30-40 melodies already written. I’m not sure if I’ll be adding many new ones but if I suddenly get inspired I’ll be sure to get an entirely new song down right away.

I sort of had a song order in mind as I was recording, but as I’ve finished each song they show up in alphabetical order and it sounds good when all three are played in succession. We’ll see how the next few songs go before I start thinking about the order that they’ll appear in on the album. After the next few songs, I’ll be recording songs that have a different feel.


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