Closed Shave

After buying 2 different brands of razors and not finding one that satisfied me, I went out shopping yet again. This time I bit the bullet and bought some replacement Gillette Fusion blades. Luckily, they were on sale. I was able to use my Save-On More card and got $5 off, bringing the total down to $14.99 instead of the usual $19.99 that I would normally pay for them.

On a side note: why is every price listed as a dollar amount + 99 cents? Why is it $14.99 and not $15.00? Not that I’d want to pay an extra cent to round it off, but why the 99 cents? My theory is that it makes it sound like you’re paying less than the full price. If something is listed as $99.99, it’s technically less than $100, thereby making it slightly more attractive. Seems a little redundant when there’s only a 1 cent difference, maybe that makes people more receptive to the price, maybe it doesn’t, I don’t know.

Anyway, the reason I broke down and went back with the Fusion blades is because I’d already spent about that much already on razors that weren’t as good. That was one determining factor, the other was that no other razor seems to have the precision blade on the back, which I find really comes in handy.

It’s still a little expensive though, even though I got 25% off, there’s four cartridges and that works out to $3.75 per cartridge. That made it easier to swallow than the $4.99 that I’d be paying if it were full price.

So after doing some exploring, wasting some of my money by not getting blades that gave me as close and as comfortable as shave as my regular razor, I imagine I’ll stay with the Fusion blades.

With that, you can consider this a closed shave.


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