Between A Blog And A Hard Place – Part I

Now that I’ve started this blog, I need to decide how I’m going to use it. As I stated in my first post, I’m going to be concentrating on writing. Though part of me thinks I should do more than that, as reading alone might get a little repetitive for people no matter how interesting the subject might (hopefully) be. I will likely be including pictures and maybe even some audio and video from time to time to add a little variety.

When I do write, the articles will probably be lengthy but I’ll try to keep them between 500-1000 words. If a post gets to be longer than 1000 words I’ll break it up into separate parts, though I don’t think that will happen often, if at all. On the other hand, unshackled by character limitations and with a sense of new found freedom I may be tempted to make really long posts, so you’ve been forewarned. My first article was more than 600 words and I could’ve added more, I’ll attempt to keep the majority of my posts shorter than that.

In order to figure out how I’m going to use this blog I should probably start by myself a few questions. First: what exactly is a blog? Basically, it’s an online journal or diary, but it’s used in many different ways. Some people have blogs where they post mainly pictures, some videos, others prose. There are endless possibilities, really, it depends on what the author’s interests are. Since my main area of interest is in writing, that’s primarily what I’ll be doing. I envision it as basically as an extension of my Facebook and Twitter accounts, the shorter updates will go on those two pages, the longer stuff will go here. What I don’t have room for elsewhere will be brought here.

Another question I should ask myself is: why do I write? Well, I do it to express myself and to entertain others as well as myself. I’m a visual artist and I always feel compelled to express myself in some form. Usually it’s through art (computer graphics, mostly) but I enjoy writing as much as anything else I do and think I have something worthwhile saying.

The next question is: what will I be writing about? The material will primarily consist of observations on everyday occurrences, things that pique my interest and seem worthy of discussion. I’m very much an observer of society, I’m constantly watching, listening to and analyzing all that’s going on around me. I think I pick up on what most people wouldn’t notice or give any thought to. I have my own view of the world and much of what I observe happening in it seems unusual so I’ll offer interpretations in order to make sense of them and will likely rant about a few things.

This post appears to be getting a little long now so I’ll cut it off here. To be continued.


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